The Elephant Bowl

The Elephant Bowl

A Singing Bowl Revolution

Tibetan Singing Bowl Events

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Singing Bowl Workshops, Sound Healings, Meditation MP3s

The Elephant Bowl is dedicated to educating people, primarily experientially, to the wonderful healing and meditative benefits of the hand-pounded bronze singing bowls that are hand-picked and imported direct from Nepal.  Our business model is moving towards a non-profit system in which much of the proceeds are re-invested into more singing bowls which in turn not only supports the people of Nepal but builds awareness and possibilities of sound-healing events, meditations, or music performances.

We offer Tibetan singing bowls direct from Nepal at wholesale prices, hands-on interactive workshops available straight to your home, local yoga studio, or sacred space of choice; private sound healings and vibrational therapy sessions; as well as resources such as meditation MP3s or videos. We welcome you to look around at some of our event photos and drop us a line with any questions, comments, or requests. Namaste!


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