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Singing Bowl Workshops

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The Elephant Bowl is happy to offer come-to-you, hands-on singing bowl meditations, interactive workshops, and training immersions under yogic, meditative or learning conditions. Invite friends, loved ones, and the community to become familiar with the centuries-old bronze instruments. Learn the basic anatomy and structure of the hand-pounded bowls, learn to play them, and most importantly: experience the effects of this ancient tool of meditation.

We are dedicated to educating people, primarily experientially, to the wonderful healing and meditative benefits of the hand-pounded bronze singing bowls that are hand-picked and imported direct from Nepal.  Our business model is moving towards a non-profit system in which much of the proceeds are re-invested into more singing bowls which in turn not only supports the nation and people of Nepal but builds awareness and possibilities of weekly sound-healing events or music performances.

About the Interactive Singing Bowl Workshops


Experience the Tibetan singing bowls in an unusually accessible and deeply calming interactive experience. In addition to a 30-minute, lying down meditative experience with a large selection of bowls, each participant will then be given the chance to play the bowls for themselves. Participants will be instructed in learning the basic sound anatomy and structure of the instruments, basic striking and singing techniques, how to vary intensity and effect, and more. After this, the group will then break into couples and all will have a chance to both give and receive a sound experience from their partner.

Interactive singing bowl workshops may range anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours, depending on the intentions and desires of the host & participants. A singing bowl event is a perfect entrance or deepener into the world of Tibetan bowls and also a wonderful chance for you to take home a bowl or set from our collection. Participants may bring their own present bowl(s)  to match with a potential new cousin. See photos from past workshops to get a feel.

About Our Bowls

947267_10201007932992848_822491299_nEach bowl is hand-selected and hand-pounded by native Nepalese craftsman. The multiple overtones of the singing bowl are well known for their health benefits. Sound healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, well being and better health. In The Elephant Bowl events we generally create a nice blend of offering extended sessions of deep relaxation (30 minutes) and giving others the chance to increase their skills with the bowls and then demonstrate those in a shared sound healing experience with the group or in pairs.

About Our Hosts

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 4.57.34 PMGeoffrey Torkington is a yogi, healer and the founder of The Elephant Bowl, a project which seeks to introduce the power of hand pounded singing bowls as supportive tool in healing and personal development. As a longtime student of Yoga, he has traveled and has spent years of his life internationally in Yoga and Buddhist communities, practicing, learning and teaching. Along his journey he also became a co-founder of Agama Yoga Mexico, one of the notable backpacker budget Yoga retreats and communities in Mexico. He has Yoga teaching certificates in Agama and Hridaya Yoga. Geoffrey is also the author of a 150 page blueprint model for a Network of Yoga and Educational Communities. His plans for 2015 include with legal permission, to offer teachings and concerts in the U.S. and beyond.

Singing Bowl Workshop Photos