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The Elephant Bowl

A Singing Bowl Revolution

Sound Healing & Vibrational Therapy

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About Sound Healing

The Tibetan singing bowls have for centuries been used to bring peace to the body & mind. Their sound vibrations affect the brain’s state, carrying it through the traditional sequence of meditation: from a normal waking state (Beta brainwave) into a more relaxed state (Alpha brainwave), to a deeper meditative state (Theta brainwave), to the deepest level of human consciousness (Delta brainwave).

Due to the intensity and power of the singing bowls, the brain has little choice but to synchronize itself with the vibrational waves it is experiencing; this is not like a case of traditional meditation in which the mind may have much trouble “clearing itself.” Breath, heart rate and brain function will all actively slow down, creating a true sense of internal peace.

Upon returning to the waking consciousness, you remain passive and aware, relaxed and rejuvenated, along with any insights you’ve accumulated on the metaphysical journey.

It is not uncommon to encounter out-of-body experiences. This is a meditative experience. Furthermore, this is a meditative state triggered by an external force: the vibrations of the sound bowls. Once the theta and delta brainwave states have been activated, powerful meditations can perceivably last as long as the bowls are being played. It is like the soul is being “shot out” of the body.

Elephant Bowl Sessions

The Elephant Bowl encourages any and everyone to experience the singing bowls. Private sessions are a simple matter: you are fully-clothed and you will not be touched by anything but small singing bowls that will likely be placed on the pelvis and/or the heart. Singing bowls will surround you and will be moved around based on the energy of the session.

This is an energetic, intuitive process. The Elephant Bowl follows a standard procedure to begin sessions, but each session evolves in its own organic way. Our standard procedure is lining up the larger, lower-end bowls on the lower part of the torso, getting smaller and higher-pitched as they reach the crown of the head. This is very similar to aligning the bowl vibrations with the chakras (~300Hz lower to ~700Hz higher).

We offer sessions similar to traditional massage healings; one is always a therapeutic, beneficial way to re-align the body energy centers. If you so choose afterwards, healing intentions can be set and several sessions can be arranged.

Sound Healing Session Photos


Due to the constant touring and geographical location changes of The Elephant Bowl staff, private sessions must be planned out in advance. Until April 2014, sessions are primarily available in central Mexico and throughout California. Energy exchanges are dependent on personal situations and session locations.

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