The Elephant Bowl

The Elephant Bowl

A Singing Bowl Revolution

Tibetan Singing Bowls

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PLEASE NOTE: Our present collection of Tibetan singing bowls is rather large and changes day to day. The information on this page acts as general information for what we order direct from Nepal and, unless requested for pre-order, is not always instantly available.

Tibetan Singing Bowls Direct From Nepal

Each bowl was chosen for quality sound and playability. Prices are based primarily on weight and styles.

Machine Made Bowls

The most affordable bowls by weight are the ones made by machine and which come in a variety of painted colors.  Each additionally has a set of painted symbols and mantras.  Their main advantages are their affordability, ease in which to make ‘sing,’ and eye catching colors.  In general they will not vibrate for as long as the hand  pounded bowls nor is their sound upon being struck as resonate and pure.  Still, they are an excellent choice and remain one of the more popular items especially to make ‘sing.’  They are priced at 10 cents a gram.  The primary two sizes are $47.00 (blue, dark, purple, pink) and $90.00 (black, blue, green, pink, red).  We apologize if not all colors are available.

Singing Bowl (medium)

 $90 (includes padded wooden stick)singingbowlmed2singingbowlmed3

Hand-Pounded Quality Tibetan Bowls (plain)

Handmade bowls are a lifetime purchase.  They are priced also by weight, 15 cents a gram (50% more than the machine made).  Their pure sound continues to amaze in spite of their seeming small size.  All can be made to ‘sing,’ with relatively little practice and many, especially those above 600 grams will sing for most anybody.   In general, the larger the bowl, the longer the vibration will continue after the bowl has been struck.  Some bowls, especially of several kilograms are noted to continue singing for two minutes or more.   Larger bowls also have the advantage of being placed directly on the body and allowing the body to absorb the vibrations.  Our collection presently has bowls of $45, $75, $81, $89, $95, $112, $164, $180, $212, $225, $245, $270, $350.  All have been tested for quality sound and feel, 300 grams to 2.3 kilograms.

handmademed handmademed2

The Tibetan bowls pictured are priced under $100.

Engraved Singing Bowls

Engraved singing bowls are still a little rare in the American market and make up the minority of bowls in the Nepali market.  In general, some of the best sounding bowls are chosen for this final step.  They make wonderful gifts and house ornaments along with giving off high vibrational sounds.  They are priced at 20 cents a gram generally or 17cents a gram if they are engraved without a deity.  In the present collection, we have 8 engraved bowls including:

  • 5.67 kilograms Yellow (with an engraving of White Tara only) $980 (On Sale:  reg $1130)
  • 2.68 kilogram  Yellow (engraved with a Buddha and numerous symbols) $532–Measured as  a ‘High Theta’
  • 2.38 kilograms Yellow (engraved with Buddha and numerous symbols) $476
  • 2.10 kilograms Yellow (engraved with a Tara and numerous symbols) $420
  • 1.75 kilograms Yellow (engraved with a Tara and numerous symbols) $350
  • 1.16 kilograms Dark (Main symbols ‘infinity’ and ‘vajra.’) $200
engraved1 engraved2


Cushion for Bowl ($7)