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Join my 100kg Orders!

In 2012, I made three orders to Nepal.

This year, in April, is the second and a third will no doubt come sometime in summer

This is a great chance to get very affordable, discounted wares from Nepal including tibetan singing bowls, thangka paintings with brocade of various quality and sizes, statues, felt work, clothes, tibetan flags and others.

Singing Bowls

wholesale3Nepal is one of the leading makers and importers of metal singing bowls on the planet.  My contact and friend Hari has a selection of 2000 bowls to chose from and his intelligence and sensibility was one of the primary reasons I chose to work with him.  His great contacts has allowed me to very quickly get bowls into the hands of Sound healers, Yoga teachers and art collectors on the West Coast.   I am offering $90 a kilogram (2.2 pounds) for minimum orders of 5 kilograms on hand pounded bowls.  For a slightly higher price,  you can get less.  See below for additional prices and options and a further sense of how to interpret those weights.  Tibetan Singing Bowls are powerful instruments.  They are generally easy to use and their effects can sometimes be felt within seconds, as a re-wiring of the brain and a centering and calming of the being.  They are great tools for both casual play and intentional ceremony and it is my prediction that we shall see more and more of them as people report their profound impact.  I highly recommend purchasing a set through the next shipment if not before


Tangka Wholesale Prices

Thangkas are known as expensive pieces of art.  And in truth, there are paintings which are commonly seen for $700 and up.  The three sizes which I offer and which I have been selling, priced $110, $170 and $250 are this week being offered with a $500 minimum order for $45, $60 and $70.  See Thangka page for more info on sizes and general styles.  Larger sizes and higher qualities may also be available.
Some considerations and practical details:

1) This work demands that one maintains a flexible spirit.  This means that I am open to hear any of your concerns and considerations around price, order size, etc.  If I can meet you, I will.  And if not, I will say so.  Additionally special considerations and co-creation may be arranged for people wanting to sell in their store on a partial payment/consignment basis.

2) The plan is use all the money gathered (including any wholesale profits) to buy more inventory.  This means if $500 of money is put towards bowls by you as a customer, $500 will be put towards buying bowls.  In other words, any of my profit as integrated into the set prices will be put towards more inventory.  The advantage of this is that at the time of picking and choosing one’s exact bowls, there will be a larger selection to chose from.   This would apply towards paintings and others items also.  In spite of this, importing is an imperfect science and the technical support on that side of the globe is still wanting.  Low prices, a good quality source and my hardworking assistant, along with some basic photo support shall I hope leave each of you more than satisfied.

3) Basic price structure for plain hand pounded Singing Bowls:
5 kilograms:  $90 a kilogram
10 kilograms: $80 a kilogram
20 kilograms: $75 a kilogram
25 kilogram or more: $71 a kilogram
1-2 kilograms: $125 a kilogram
2-4.99 kilograms: $110 a kilogram

Bowls with engraving will be a 20% increase per kilogram
Single Bowls over 1.5  kilograms will have a 10% increase per kilogram
Machine Made Bowls will have a 20% decrease in price
A single stick is included with each bowl.  A 2nd felted stick is included with each bowl over 1.5 kilograms.
An approximate choice of styles and sizes will be asked for the initial order.  Any major changes will have a 10% increase in price.  Example:  One wants originally one larger bowl of over 2 kilograms but in the end decides not to take it.
A 10% increase in price per bowl will be required if a specific tone is requested.

Orders under 5 kilograms will need to arrange pick up and selection
Orders over 5 kilograms will have free delivery and selection within the East Bay and San Francisco
Other delivery details will need to be made individually.  Larger orders may have discounted or free delivery depending.

Pre-pay is required.  Collateral in the form of my present bowls may be appropriate in some cases.

Purchasing beyond the initial pre-payment at time of selection and delivery will have additional charges.  The above are for pre-paid WholeSale prices.

4)Combining different items for a $500 minimum order.

I would like to make it possible to do this.  Mixing and matching brings prices up 10%.  The $90 a kilogram bowl price can apply to anybody purchasing $500 or more in total goods.

5)Payment can be organized individually.

For more information please contact me, Geoff Torkington at 510 479 4406 or email me at  Using the contact form will also work.
Blessings from The Elephant Bowl.